Rework of real estate both in the residential construction and the construction of business and trade facilities
  • Site-Selection-Consulting including conceptual layout
  • Search-Selection and survey of suitable objects
  • Mentoring of contract negotiations
  • Securitization of residential properties from € 20 Mio upwards
Sales and Marketing of large-scale landed property
  • Package deal of flats nationally
  • Heritage-protected properties nationally
  • Real estate for special properties nationally and internationally
    (for example Real estate for special properties for the construction of casinos in Croatia including the appropriate concessions)
Agency for
  • Landed property for institutional investors
  • Special properties
  • Licencees for hotels and clinics
Procurement of investment assets
  • Return optimised investment assets
  • Largely diversified product line-up with high profile in all important world markets which are competitive and internationally reputed
  • Assets with a fixed rate of interest
  • Excellent money market funds
  • Asset management for private consumer and corporate customers
Financing for
  • Contributors of capital
    Financing of objects that may by far exceed the investor's credit rating at major German banks
  • Tax orientated investors
    Finding and financing of tax optimising objects as well as fund consulting according to individual asset portfolios
  • End-users (Employees, self-employed, civil servants)
    For construction loan, debt conversion, follow-up financing, consumer loans and the improvement of assets